End of Year Survey Spanish 2

Seasons and weather Quizlet practice

Stories of Arrival- 5th Hour

Stories of Arrival Padlet 1st Hour

Immigrant stories

Spanish 2 homework: Go through my slideshare, click on links and read webpages. Be ready to discuss what you learned tomorrow in class! (It's not a video...)

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Duo Lingo

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Welcome to Senora Jakubowski's Wikispace!

Email: andrea.jakubowski@mybedford.us
Classroom phone: 734-850-6237

Senora Jakubowski's Syllabus, Rules, Expectations, and Procedures

Syllabus Spanish 1

Syllabus Spanish 2

Suggested Supplies

  • 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper and divider tabs

  • pen or pencil

  • hi-liter

  • one box of tissue

  • one pack of dry erase markers

  • optional- Spanish-English dictionary

Note to Parents:

Thank you for your support in your son or daughter's undertaking of learning a world language. Encourage your son or daughter to continue to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking the new language at home. Ideas for language practice at home:

  • language-learning applications and podcasts available through I-Tunes (some are free!) -DuoLingo

  • language-learning websites (click here for a list)

  • renting Rosetta Stone and/or Pilsner language-learning software from the library

  • watch your favorite movie in Spanish with English subtitles

  • search the Web for current Spanish-speaking music

State of Michigan's graduation requirements:

Michigan High School Requirements Overview
Michigan's World Langauge Curriculum

Senora Jakubowski's email: andrea.jakubowski@mybedford.us